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Even though designing a premium template of your own may be time consuming and tedious, some people do prefer going for creating the best that they can. For the others who do not find time to design a template, there are many html Responsive email templates innovated by the top designers that you can readily use for your emails. Start your newsletter design from one of our emails.We have lot of email of sample email headers to help you start.Select one of our designs, set the email header size you want and start editing.

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Studies show that 2 out of 3 email recipients prefer HTML emails over plain text. They should also contain more images rather than text. This is why having a perfect tool to create marketing visuals like email headers is important.

Start your newsletter header design from one of our email header templates. We have lots of sample email headers to help you start. Select one of our designs, set the email header size you want and start editing.

Email footer design is often an afterthought, but it’s a critical piece to your overall email design. Footers contain important information and get plenty of action. It’s often where your subscribers look for details about your brand, where they can find you online or in-store, how to contact you, and to manage their subscription preferences. The email footer is a place for transparency, clarity, and, yes, good design, all of which can say a lot about you and your brand. .

We have lots of sample email footers to help you start. Select one of our designs, set the email footers size you want and start editing.

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Drag & drop editing helps you swiftly build your campaign, using pre-built content modules. You can easily edit individual modules in the left-hand sidebar and reorder modules in your campaign body with a simple click and drag of your mouse.

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You can create a new drag and drop email template using the design manager tool. Before designing your email template, it's important to plan your content so you can add the modules you need. If you're looking for design inspiration, you can explore examples on our marketing platform.

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